Product Questions

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The bags are 100% real leather. We hand make the bags just like the original Chanel production standard. We use the same high stitch method which makes the bag as good as an authentic.

You get the full gift wrapping with every order. This includes the box, ribbon, pamphlets, and authentication cards.

You can ask and we can send it with a receipt from the Chanel boutique in China.

Our bags are handmade which is as close as available to the original Chanel. Most of our clients own authentic Chanel so please rest assured our standard is very high. Some clients have returned our bag as authentic so that is a testament to it’s quality although we do not condone that practice.

It is safe to say that PCC sells the absolute finest replica Chanel on the market.

Only vintage Chanel bags use real gold plated hardware. Chanel now only uses anodized metal hardware and we use the same material for the hardware in our bags.

Unlike other Chanel replica sellers, our factory can reproduce any Chanel bag you are looking for. If you do not see what you want on our site simply send us an email which contains what you are looking for and we will look into having it reproduced for you!

Ordering Questions

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We accept returns if the box is unopened. You are responsible for the return shipping. If your bag is damaged or sent in error we will replace it at our cost.

No we do not exchange. Please make sure you want the model you are ordering before you purchase from us. You can contact us for shopping advice if you are having trouble picking the right bag.

We accept Western Union, Moneygram, and wire transfer.

Shipping is free with your order.

We guarantee that the bag will not be stopped by customs in China. However once the bag arrives in your country you may incur a small customs/duty fee. This happens to about 1/1000 clients so it is a low rate. If your bag is seized we will reship at a steeply discounted price (however this a rare 1/1000 occurrence).

Our bags are under warranty for 6 months after purchasing. We will help you with quality issues that relate to the bag’s production issues. We take good care of our clients and that is why our store is very popular.

We have a lot of available colors so if you see a model you want but do not see the color please contact us when you want to order and we will arrange it for you. We can also do certain custom pieces upon request.

We ship to North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. If your country is too remote we may not be able to ship there.

Yes you will receive a track number for either DHL or EMS depending on where you live. This can be used to track online on their websites to be certain of your delivery date. All parcels must be signed for.

We use EMS, DHL, Aramex depending on where you live/what courier is most appropriate for your country.

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